Get Started In Crypocurrencies

Here is a list of many of the sites I utilize to keep up on cryptocurrencies. If you have more usefuil links, send them my way.

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Buy Coins

Changelly - Buy coins now. No waiting.

ShapeShift - Convert Coins to USD or Coins to Coins

Crypto Exchanges

Coinbase - A great place to get started, and get $10 for depositing $100. That‘s an immediate 10% return.

Binance - Lowest fees and more coin pairs.

Poloniex - Low fees and lots of coin pairs.

Wallets and Crypto Storage - Online Bitcoin Wallet and network research.

Exodus Wallet - Desktop Crypto Wallet

Coin Mining

Hashflare - Cloud mining with compound hashrate.

Genesis Mining - Trusted cloud mining, get a 3% discount using this link.

Nice Hash - Mine coins on your own computer, payouts are daily!

Bitsolo - Mining Bitcoin Solo

Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool - Mine BTC or BCH, which ever is more profitable automagically.

Mining Hardware

Bitmain - SHA-256 and Script Miners

Canaan - Avalon Miners

Baikal - Blake256R14/Blake256R8/Blake2B/Lbry/Pascal/X11/Quark/Qubit/Myriad-Groestl/Skein Miners

Halong Mining - Bitmain competitor

Profitability Calculators

Coin Warz - Mining Profitability Calculators

Crypto Compare - Mining Profitability Calculators

Free Coins

Free Bitcoin - Guaranteed free coins every hour, up to $200 worth.


Coinigy - Pro Crypto Charts

Trading View - Pro Trading Charts for Stocks, Coins and More

Market Research

OnChainFX - Check how the markets are doing.

Coin Market Cap - Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations


Salt - Use your crypto as collateral and get USD loans.